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Celebrating Week of Learning

Medallia: Week of Learning

From  ‘How to Make a Killer Balloon Arch’ to ‘Wine: 101,’ Medallia’s Week of Learning truly embraced a ‘Growth Mindset.’ It helps remind Medallians that continuous learning is crucial to personal development and it should be celebrated. Over 50 Medallians volunteered to teach classes around the world and everyone had a unique opportunity to participate. Week of Learning shows us that education can come from a variety of different people and places on many different subjects.  From foreign language classes to how to survive Burning Man, there was something for everyone.
I participated in four different classes and each one was unique and engaging. I started the week with How to Make a Killer Balloon Arch.’ Our group had a great time learning the basics of balloon construction and even had the opportunity to make our very own. Taking advantage of Valentine’s Day, we crafted two balloon arches for the San Mateo lobby.
Medallia: Week of Learning
On Thursday I was excited to learn about brewing my own Kombucha at home. We learned everything from where to find supplies to how to create the perfect brew. Although the content in each of the classes was amazing, the best part was connecting with other Medallians. It was a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and meet people with similar hobbies and interests. It was great to collaborate with remote offices near and far as they were able to actively participate alongside of us. Medallia’s Week of Learning really speaks to our culture and how special we are. Seeing everyones passion around human connection and continued learning makes me proud to be a Medallian.

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