Dorian Stone

Digital disruption in financial services isn’t a new idea.  Many customers prefer the convenience of making their day-to-day transactions online rather than taking the extra time to visit a branch.  All across the United States, banks are responding to this trend, shutting down 2,599 brick-and-mortar branches this year.  And in their place, banks are beefing up their online offerings, making it easy to deposit checks through apps and transfer money online.  As Brian Moynihan, Bank of America Corp. CEO said, “People effectively carry a branch in their pocket.”

But while online banking is convenient, financial companies risk losing valuable face time with customers. How do you make customers feel like they’re still getting the personalized attention that comes from a face-to-face interactions?  How do you know where your customers’ pain points are?  Or which individual customer relationships are souring, and which customers are ready to jump ship to a different company?  How do you get your customers to take advantage of little-known products that might benefit them most?

This is the challenge facing Storebrand, a Norwegian financial services company whose products span banking, insurance, and pensions. To meet that challenge, Storebrand made a major strategic decision to shift its focus to the customer, starting its journey towards becoming a customer-centric organization.

Although their journey has only recently begun, they’ve already made significant advances and learned a lot from their mistakes.

At our December 9th webinar, Bradley Johansson, Business Development Manager, Storebrand, will be joining Medallia to discuss how Storebrand is putting its customers at the center of everything they do, even as it’s reducing face time with them.  Register now to learn how they’re implementing their customer experience program.
Photo credit: hojusaram