The Medallia Team

It’s increasingly the case that brand reputations are being made and broken by customers on the Internet and across social media. As a result, it’s more important than ever to take the pulse of every customer interaction — ensuring that you’re delivering great experiences to each and every customer, and saving those customer relationships when you don’t.

But how do you go about doing this?  What kind of infrastructure do you need for everyone in your business to ask and be able to answer the question, “How are we doing in the eyes of the customer?”

You can only answer this question when you have a customer experience system that tracks every customer interaction and delivers the relevant customer data to every employee, continuously and instantaneously, right as those experiences happen.

We’ve created an ebook that outlines the six principles that you need to build a customer experience infrastructure, enabling you to bring the customer to the center of everything everyone does. With each principle, we’ve included case studies from industry leaders like Macy’s and PayPal, who have established stellar CEM programs that enable truly customer-centric cultures.

If you’re wondering how to draw on the Voice-of-the-Customer most effectively, or you’re figuring out what other elements you need to ensure a transformative CEM program, this ebook is the place to start!