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How Big Companies Can Innovate Like a Start-up

We’ve all heard the phrase, “innovate or die.” It’s hard to believe that Jack Matson’s book came out a decade ago, coining this phrase. The need for innovation has not waned; in fact, it’s grown exponentially with the Uber and Amazon effect rampant across industries.
The question, particularly for big companies, continues to be: How can we learn and innovate quickly? TechCrunch recently outlined the risk for big companies who are still slow to innovate. “These behemoths just aren’t well-equipped to test the water and make great new products. These companies are decades old, sometimes a century, and they aren’t used to change. The image of your grandfather on the dance floor comes to mind.”
Medallia Ask Now helps with this very challenge. Ask Now enables even the biggest companies to learn fast, like a start-up, so they can keep dancing on the dance floor.
Ask Now is an industry-first Customer Experience Management module that allows users to quickly and easily add targeted questions to ongoing surveys, tapping into a giant pool of active respondents already invested in their brand. Medallia customers are already benefitting from a continuous stream of real-time customer feedback. With Ask Now, they can ride that wave to temporarily ask customers deeper questions and test new concepts, with little effort.
Today, we’re officially announcing new reporting capabilities within Ask Now that provide users with a visual summary of their data, complete with charts, graphs, customer comments, and more.
Let’s walk through an example:

  • Your customers have indicated that lines are too long to make a purchase. Product recently developed a new mobile app to offer customers another avenue to make orders and reduce wait times.
  • Before rolling out the app en masse, you’re testing it in a few key locations. Senior leadership is looking to you to provide insight and a recommendation before making a heavy investment in a worldwide launch.
  • In just a few clicks, Medallia Ask Now allows you to add questions to existing surveys to get the feedback you want. In this case, you could target the pilot customers and ask them about ease-of-use of the new app and whether or not it helped reduce wait times.
  • No need to create a new survey from scratch, no need to identify a new customer base to survey, no need to wait for invitations to go out. You’ve set this up within a few minutes, and you’ll start receiving feedback as fast as you’ve sent the questions out.
  • And, with Ask Now’s new reporting capabilities, you’ve got instantaneous reports that provide a visual representation of your data and cuts of the data based on your input.
  • What’s more, you can slice and dice this data against other data within your Medallia system, e.g. overall NPS by loyalty tier.
  • Faster than you ever thought possible, you’re ready to share results and a data-driven recommendation with your senior leadership.

Sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not. Over the past year, Medallia clients have received targeted feedback from millions of their customers via Ask Now.
For example, Holland America Line is an Ask Now Medallia customer. Madan Allumada, senior manager of guest experience and product development at Holland America Line, said, “We are constantly thinking of new ways to redefine our guest experience. Medallia Ask Now allows us to easily test our ideas and generate the insight we need to know what innovations will stick. The results are so fast that we can move quickly and stay ahead of our guests’ needs. And the best part is we are not bombarding them with extra surveys.”
With technology like Ask Now, it’s exciting to think about what’s possible. Innovation can become part of any company’s DNA. Conducting frequent, customer-centric testing is no longer cumbersome, no longer limited to start-ups; it’s fast, it’s easy, and a natural part of how you and your company operate.
So, no matter how big or old a company gets, we can all keep dancing on that dance floor.  
Interested in learning more? Contact your Medallia client services team to get started or click here to see Ask Now in action.

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