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Are You a Member of Generation CX?

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If you’re energized by the thought of living and working in a customer-centric world, now is a pretty thrilling time to be alive.
More than ever before, there’s a sense that focusing on customers is a critical survival skill. Wherever you look, new crops of customer-centric companies are reshaping their industries, and established players are working hard to transform their own customer relationships. As a result, certain ideas are starting to take hold:

This is a lot to be excited about — and if you see potential in these ideas, you’re not alone. Across industries, and in companies of all kinds, likeminded business leaders are working hard to bring these trends to life. They are the ones setting the standard for how companies ought to behave in an increasingly customer-centric world.
We like to call this group of enlightened leaders (and the customers they serve) Generation CX.
And what better way to celebrate this generation — and further its purpose — than to gather with other members, learn from one another’s successes, and make plans for the future. In April, you’ll have an opportunity to do so at Experience 2016, a three-day gathering of executives and CX leaders.
There’s a lot to do at the conference, including:
Learn from brands you love
When you think of great customer experiences, certain brands stand out. Some have been setting the standard for decades, and others are just starting to change the game. You’ll find companies of both kinds here, with an agenda that includes speakers and attendees from Disney, Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons, and hundreds of Medallia’s incredible customers.
Talk to leaders in your industry
Whether you’re a retailer looking for omni-channel strategies, a telecom provider trying to boost retention, a banker looking for ways to capture millennial customers, or a member of any other industry, you’ll find leaders here who are on the same journey — and can share what they’ve learned.
Get insight into the latest best practices
You’ll learn strategies and tips about a variety of CX topic areas, including frontline engagement, data science and analytics, building organizational buy-in, and even customer-focused innovation. Follow seven different tracks in the main conference agenda, or attend our more intimate Customer Experience Management workshop to dig deep on foundational skills.
Bring everything back to your own team to drive improvement.
Of last year’s Experience conference, Tommy Bahama VP Mike Barrow said, “Experience is a must if you’re competing for customers. It provided an arsenal of ideas and a network of experts to draw on to shape our strategy and day-to-day operations.” This year will be no different. You’ll distill your learnings into clear actions you and your colleagues can take going forward to deliver better experiences to your customers.

If you find any of this exciting — or if you’d like to learn more — check out the Experience 2016 website, where you can dig deep into the scheduled activities and register to attend. We hope to see you there!

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Photo Credit: Bex Walton