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CX Innovations and the Technology Driving Them

Medallia: Customer Experience

In a changing customer experience landscape, organizations must constantly innovate to keep up. We are seeing a rapid development in both the practice of customer experience management, and the scope of business impact it can drive. That is why we developed a track at Experience ’18 specifically around the topic of CX innovation. With eight sessions led by brands who have mastered CX, including ABN Amro, Target, and CLEAR, this track will explore different types of innovation, and the technology driving them, with real life examples from leaders in the CX space.  
Research continues to show a strong connection between CX and business success. From airports to arenas, CLEAR has a true obsession with customer experience. During their session, they will share the company’s growth story, including how NPS plays a critical role in their approach to scaling the platform and member experience and how CLEAR has turned real-time customer feedback into real-time action, allowing for continuous product innovation. ABN Amro, along with Target and CLEAR, who are rapidly innovating in customer experience and driving business impact with each turn, will also lead a breakout session where they share their best practices, real world case studies, and examples.
The best performing companies anticipate, act on, and adapt to the changing expectations of today’s empowered consumers. During their breakout session, the Temkin Group will identify three areas that will shape future CX efforts: (1) Humanistic, (2) Prescriptive, and (3) Responsive. Then later, Target will share practical and aspirational stories about how as one of the world’s 10 largest retailers they innovate across their omni-channel program.  
While every CX program starts with capturing customer feedback, and often moves to improving individual touchpoints via closed loop feedback, the “holy grail” is getting to CX innovation by hearing the signal through the noise. In a separate session, ABN Amro will discuss their quest for the “holy grail,” sharing how they leverage customer feedback to improve customer journeys, and how they partnered with Medallia to launch the first instance of Medallia Initiative Tracker, a solution for capturing and tracking improvement ideas from employees. Accenture will also share their findings around how CX leaders innovate to win and reveal the formula to help attendees get started on their path to customer-driven innovation.
Lear more about CX innovation at Exeperience ’18. Join us.