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5 Ways Telcos can Manage Scale & Complexity Resulting from COVID-19

5 Ways Telcos can Manage Scale & Complexity Resulting from COVID-19

Millions across the globe are caring for their family, friends, and colleagues, and with strict social distancing policies in effect in many nations, they’re likely relying on your network to do it. Take these five best practices into consideration to help ensure the experiences you deliver today can positively shape the consumer-network relationship of tomorrow.

  1. Use SMS & messaging apps to make it easier to engage: Shift to deploying short, concise surveys through SMS and popular messaging apps to reach customers where they are, and more importantly, where they feel comfortable engaging during this time. Leveraging SMS can also provide a way to proactively alert customers on key updates and support options.
  2. Leverage ideas from your front line: Unprecedented events have a way of turning operations sideways, but you can more quickly address the challenges of each new development by tapping into the collective wisdom of your employee community. Capturing ideas and suggestions across the entire organization might even help solve problems you didn’t know you have, allowing you to mitigate damage before issues start trending.
  3. Put your unstructured data to work: Systematically mining open text from feedback and service interactions allows you to create topic and keyword-based alerts for known customer pain points like “work from home” or “data cap”. It can also enable you to monitor call center interactions for related agent attributes like empathy and friendliness to uncover opportunities for coaching and training.
  4. Maximize digital as a support channel: As retail stores close and contact center wait times increase, customers will be increasingly reliant on your digital channels for self-service support. Consider deploying intercept surveys throughout your site to quickly diagnose pain points in the digital journey – your customers and contact center will likely thank you.
  5. Humanize customer & employee feedback with video: Video is a quick way to glean a tremendous amount of insight because it provides 6 times more insight than equivalent open-text responses and can be a more powerful agent of emotional impact, further spurring change and action within the organization. Without the pressure of composing one’s thoughts in writing, customers and employees can feel free to share exactly how they feel as they adjust to in-home work and entertainment lives.

Additional Considerations

As you plan and implement the program changes listed above, keep these cornerstones of Experience Management in mind to help ensure you’re calibrating expectations to the current global situation.

Scores: Your NPS may suffer, but don’t necessarily take this as a reflection of your response in this uncertain time. As fear and doubt still abound, what consumer is prepared to make a recommendation of any kind at the moment? We recommend earmarking this time in reporting & focusing on pressing customer needs.

Closing the loop: In times of crisis, we often have the urge to drastically change the course of action. Though agility is key in these times, refining your basics is just as critical. Remind your teams of the importance of a timely and empathetic closed-loop response with customers demonstrating the highest risk of churn.

Employee Engagement: Keep in mind that your frontline employees are likely to be as strained as your network. Emotional exhaustion from empathizing is real. Stay closely connected and communicate wins as often as you can to help boost morale.

Governance: Determine a process for decision making and prioritization of initiatives; changes are coming quickly. Ensure employees of all levels understand what they are accountable for and communicate goals regularly.

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