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What do Mercedes Benz, Sephora, and Hilton have in common?

Medallia: Customer Experience

Lexus. Mercedes-Benz. Sephora. Hilton.
Four companies with incredible products, recognizable brands, and, with the power of Medallia, an unforgettable customer experience.
But let’s be honest. You know those other names, but not Medallia. Why is that?
Lexus and Mercedes-Benz are in the business of luxury cars. Sephora is in the business of high-end cosmetics. Hilton: quality hospitality. Medallia is in the business of people. More specifically, the business of helping the companies you know and love use information to better interact with people like you.
Here’s a scenario: your family vacations to Hawaii, and stays at a leading hotel chain. The experience. Is. Terrible. Your room was freezing, your bed sheets were dirty, and the front desk forgot to give you a wake-up call!
Frustrated, you respond to a request for feedback, and detail your experience. Without you knowing it, an alert triggers in the Medallia system and you receive a call from the hotel manager within a day of your response. She apologizes for the poor service, lets you know they’re making changes based on your feedback, and she even offers you a room upgrade for your next stay. Just when you thought you’d never return to said hotel, you’re excited to give it another shot. All because they listened, and took action.
Since 2001, Medallia’s mission has remained simple: create a world where companies are loved by their customers and their employees. By collecting, analyzing, and reporting all types of feedback, Medallia unlocks the consumer voice, enabling our clients to start a conversation with customers buying their products. Analyzing down to the topic, and the sentiment of that topic, the system transforms data into insights, bringing a personal touch to everyday, at-times-impersonal interactions across multiple stores, countries, and continents. Simply put, we help leading companies listen, understand, and act on their customers’ wants and needs.
Does this approach work? Ask Mercedes-Benz. They work with us because they know our platform can give them the power to not just understand their customer’s journey, but to actively improve the experience. Since implementing the Medallia program, Mercedes-Benz has seen increases in both sales, and in the number of customers likely to recommend their services to friends and family.
So how is it possible that a high-powered company on which leading brands depend can, at times, go unnoticed? Simple: it’s hard to understand something you can’t see. You can see the results of Sephora’s foundation on your skin. You can hear the V8 engine roar from inside a Mercedes G-Class SUV. The Medallia difference is a feeling, entrenched in the hearts and minds of companies across the world, transforming the way their brands interact with customers; the feeling that both the community’s experience and voice matter. Together, without even knowing it, consumers across the world partner with Medallia, celebrating memorable interactions and turning every piece of feedback into an opportunity for their favorite brands to keep growing.
On the business side, Medallia employees continue to push these companies to be better. Our engineers write cutting edge algorithms built for speed, accuracy, and scale. Our Professional Services group builds long-term relationships within the clients we serve to help maximize the use of our product. So the next time your family has an incredible experience at Hilton, or receive personal, helpful style suggestions from a Sephora sales associate, remember the company that helps power that experience.
And if the interaction isn’t so great? Let them know! With Medallia, they’re listening.