The Medallia Team

It’s no longer a secret that the world is becoming more customer-centric.
A big part of what this means is that average consumers have far more power than ever before. Power to learn about products and services without relying on a brand — and to use their own feedback to determine the fate of companies and entire industries. What’s more, this trend is taking place everywhere you look. It’s not just millennials and the massively tech-savvy who are taking part, but people all around you — of all ages, cultures, and walks of life.
If the possibilities of this customer-centric world excites you, you’ll probably enjoy the video below. It premiered today premiered today at Experience 2016, Medallia’s customer experience conference, and serves as a manifesto of sorts for the power of customers and the business leaders who are winning by harnessing it — we call them Generation CX. Check the video out below, and share it with anyone you believe needs to hear.

Photo Credit: Mike Brand