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4 B2B CX Predictions for 2019

Medallia: CX Predictions

Improving a company’s understanding of its customers and their experiences is a top three business goal for more than 7 out of 10 B2B professionals surveyed. B2B companies will continue to prioritize and invest in their CX capabilities in the coming year, and here are 4 predictions for how they’ll go about it:

1. Companies will transition from a measurement model to an engagement model: Traditionally, the priority has always been to measure satisfaction, primarily of the most senior person, for the purpose of knowing their score. Now, more firms are realizing that “weighing the pig doesn’t make it fatter.” That said, companies will start to capture more feedback from a wider range of important contacts, as well as actively engaging with them, as a means of expanding and improving relationships.

2. Real-time feedback will become the new standard: Companies will continue to transition from point-in-time studies to comprehensive, continuous, real time monitoring. In other words, companies will transition away from looking at studies once per year, to feedback that comes in continuously, every day/week and will begin to track feedback as it is received, within hours or at most a day or two.

3. Concept testing will become on-demand: 65% of B2B professionals indicate they want the ability to test the impact of improvements and innovations, and CX (customer experience) professionals will increasingly deliver. Before, concept tests needed to be studies that were designed and fielded. Going forward, more companies are going to engage their customers directly and in real time through on-demand concept testing that produce insights within hours, or at most days.

4. Companies will increasingly focus on employee experience in order to drive customer experience: Improving customer experience has long been a top-3 priority of senior executives, but companies are realizing that to address customer experience better, they also need to focus on the employee experience. Companies will transition away from traditional employee satisfaction surveys to more continuous employee engagement and action in order to drive motivation and performance.