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15 Tips to Ignite your CX Day Celebration!

Medallia: CX

CX Day is October 2nd, and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the importance of customer experience. We have some fun ideas to share with you to help you generate excitement about CX Day, engage employees, and deliver a heartfelt “thank you” to your customers.

  1. Team lunches and celebratory cake
  2. Praise Internal employees for customer advocacy behaviors
  3. Write customer “Thank You Notes”
  4. Conduct fireside chats – customers or CX experts or CX initiatives
  5. Provide CX Training – customer listening, closing the loop, competitive position, driver analysis, “Walking in the Customer Shoes”, values, design-thinking, journey mapping
  6. Create an “Operations Tour” to highlight daily driving great CX
  7. Offer CX Swag – Banners, Balloons, Stickers, Buttons, Shirts
  8. Takeover internal monitors, the intranet site, and the organizations website to highlight CX Day and the importance of customers
  9. Highlight amazing employees and share stories
  10. Create a CEO video email message thanking employees for creating passionate promoters
  11. Post photos of all the fun activities on internal sites, social media channels, and the website for all the world to see
  12. Participate in local CXPA CX Day event or the planned CXPA events including webinars, podcasts, and the “blog carnival”
  13. Host a CX Day event for your customers – breakfast, lunch, cocktails
  14. Create a CX room to inform and share CX progress. For remote teams, create a virtual room
  15. Leverage the resources page to find shareable social media images for #CXday, CX Day Templates, Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn Posts, Hashtags, Logos, and Press Releases