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10 Ways to Celebrate #CXDay — A Day Dedicated to Customer Experience


What if there was a day dedicated to customer experience? A day to put customers front of mind, to put yourself in their shoes, and to surface ways to serve them better? A day to engage employees — celebrating customer champions and encouraging others to step up to the plate?

Well, at some companies, such a day actually exists, and it’s called… everyday.

But such customer centricity isn’t a trait of a lot of companies or employees. And even those that get CX right need the occasional reminder of why it’s so important to put the customer first.

That’s why there’s CX Day.

Along with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), the creators and hosts of CX Day, Medallia is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event on October 7th. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ll be celebrating with the Ebay team and participating in this EMC event. We’ll also be getting into the action at our headquarters in Palo Alto.

You might be asking: “How else can one celebrate CX Day?” Well, here are a few ideas:

1. Say “Thank You!”

Think about the businesses in your community that you frequent and whose customer experiences continually delight you. Pick at least one to visit and go thank them for their awesome service. (You should probably also buy something).

2. Share Feedback

Chances are, someone you’ve done business with in the past month has asked you for feedback — whether by email, survey, SMS, etc. We know that you are often so busy serving your own customers that you don’t have time to give feedback when you’re the customer. Take this opportunity to do so! Be honest, and as a CX expert yourself, provide constructive insights and opportunities for improvement.

3. Take a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

Not necessarily literally. But this is a great chance to empathize with your customers and evaluate their experience from their perspective. What is your company doing well? What could you do better?

4. Conduct a Customer Journey Mapping Exercise

While taking a walk in your customer’s shoes, it’s a great opportunity to map out your company’s customer journey. There’s often a tendency inside of organizations to manage the customer journey in ways that are convenient to internal processes and silos — which can lead to inconsistent and frictional experiences for customers. Even if you’ve done a journey mapping exercise before, you’ll be surprised what new insights will surface from giving it another go.

5. Proactively Reach Out to a Customer

Just because you haven’t recently received bad (or good) feedback from a customer doesn’t mean that everything is going swimmingly. Take CX Day as an opportunity to pick at least one customer that maybe you haven’t engaged with in a while to proactively connect with. Ask them to be honest about their experience with your organization and what you could be doing better to improve that experience.

6. Learn from Other Companies

Get your team together and pick two brands: one that’s known for great call center support and one that’s on the opposite end of the spectrum. Put the phone on speaker and role play being a difficult customer. After each call, discuss with your team what went well and what didn’t — and see if you can discover some new best (and worst) CX practices.

7. Award Your Customer Champions

You know who they (and you) are. The people in your organization who live to make customers happy. CX Day is your chance to celebrate their efforts and socialize their efforts (and CX approaches) with your broader organization.

8. Spread the Gospel of CEM

Customer experience non-believers aren’t hard to find. While they might see the implicit value of customer experience, they don’t prioritize it in their work or their resource allocation. On CX Day, go find at least one of these non-believers and share a strong customer experience proofpoint with them — perhaps one on the ROI of CX. Here are a few to get you started!

9. Treat Yourself

You work tirelessly for your customers. Don’t forget that you occasionally need a break to pat yourself on the back and re-energize. Pop a bottle of champagne. Eat some cake. Take your team to a long lunch. Whatever you like to do to thank yourself. You and your team have earned it!

10. Make CX Day Everyday

This one’s pretty self-evident — and if you’re like us at Medallia, then it’s already something you’re doing. But you probably know at least one person for whom this is not true. Someone who doesn’t think about their impact on your customer’s experience and isn’t focused on constant improvement. Someone who doesn’t usually go above and beyond to delight or rescue a customer.

Today’s the day to change that!

Happy CX Day! Share how you’ll be celebrating on social media with hashtag #CXDay!

Photo credit: GoToVan