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The V12 of customer experience engines.

You want to be focused on your customers — not your customer experience software.

And that’s the benefit of having Medallia’s industry-leading performance and stability behind you.

Big data. Real time.

Medallia’s in-memory analytics engine enables clients to view and understand multidimensional data from a variety of angles — instantly. Running queries across hundreds of millions of records is no small task, but Medallia enables this to happen in real time for some of the largest companies in the world.

Our engine’s performance

Our engine’s performance is matched only by its immense ability to scale. It can drill down to run analysis at the level of individual employees or locations, slice and dice across business units, and roll-up scores to view results at the aggregate level. Tailoring dashboards and running custom reports on big data sets can be done in real time, by users at all levels of your organization… from executives in the C-suite all the way through to hundreds of thousands of people on the frontline. Our SaaS platform is supporting over 100 million unique page views per month — and that’s growing rapidly.



The flexibility of our system is a big part of why we have a 100% successful implementation rate. Medallia will integrate with all your existing systems — your customer experience program will work with your mobile app, will talk to your existing ticketing, call center and PoS systems, and is able to send customer experience metrics to other CRMs and ERPs. Surveys are automatically triggered for customers, and operational metrics are automatically tied to responses.

We are able to integrate either by batch or by API, depending on which approach works best for your circumstances. Batch integration offers set schedules for secure data transfers between your data warehouse and the Medallia application. Alternatively, our API integration is able to transfer and process data in real time. Either approach allows for seamless communication between Medallia and your existing systems — whether they’re from Oracle, Salesforce, or another vendor entirely.

Hello. Hallo. Ciao, 你好. Bonjour. Hei.

It doesn’t matter how you say it, Medallia speaks your language.


Our survey and reporting application is deployed in over 100 countries, and natively supports over 70 languages — support which is absolutely critical to driving true engagement with your customers. Similarly, strong frontline employee adoption is at the heart of driving customer-centric change throughout your organization. By offering an architecture that’s been built from the ground up to support localization, Medallia drives engagement between your employees and your customers — wherever they sit in the world, and whatever language they speak.

Stable and secure.

The experience you provide your customers never stops, and neither do we. We’ve built a secure and resilient architecture across three global locations — resulting in an industry-leading 99.9% uptime.

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