Medallia for Location-based Operations

Engage every team to deliver excellence

Every location — whether it’s a store, hotel, dealership, branch, or other service point — is a meeting place for your brand, run by a local team. Medallia engages those teams with customized feedback so they can deliver excellence with each interaction.

“Having accessible customer data enables our hotels to truly understand and connect with our guests as we strive to always exceed their expectations, and create great value in choosing Four Seasons.”

Scott Taber

VP Rooms, Four Seasons

Deliver consistent experiences 
at scale

Get real-time information to monitor experiences and ensure consistent, high performance. Use our technology at any scale to connect hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of service employees to the experiences they deliver.

Tune in to local needs

Empower leaders across your brand to tailor experiences to local needs. Location-level feedback and analytics surfaces insights on local markets and allows leaders to gauge the effectiveness of their decisions.

Engage frontline employees

Today’s workforce craves opportunities for self-improvement, and there’s no better teacher than the customer. Medallia engages every frontline employee with personalized customer feedback, so they can learn and get better every day.

Make it right when things go wrong

With Medallia, feedback for each location is routed instantaneously to the relevant team members so they can follow up with customers personally. Using our mobile app, managers often reach out before the customer gets home, defusing problems before they risk going viral.

Uncover ideas and innovate faster

Combine machine and human learning to surface the most valuable improvements across locations. Use text analytics to mine customer comments for themes linked to strong and weak performance. Pair that with the wisdom of the crowd by having frontline teams tag and elevate ideas while closing the loop.

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Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for Location-based Operations

Medallia Mobile
Put feedback in everyone’s hands so your frontline teams can stay connected and respond to customers while they’re on the go.

Closed-Loop Action
Reinforce customer relationships with real-time alerts and case management workflows that help put out fires quickly and prevent future issues.

Ask Now
Get feedback on location-based innovations and A/B tests using targeted survey questions and reporting for test and control groups.

Health Check
Ensure every team is making the most of customer feedback by monitoring user engagement, closed loop actions, and more.

Medallia Promote
Convert feedback from your most engaged customers into additional volume on review sites, improving your ranking and relevance in search results.

Social Feedback
Route online reviews and social feedback to each location so managers can monitor their online reputation and follow up with customers.

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