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Engage employees for better business performance

The annual employee survey isn’t enough to engage teams fully in their work. Medallia brings together relevant, timely feedback from your most important stakeholders – customers and employees. The result: more engaged employees who deliver better experiences and stronger business performance.

“There’s no better feeling than to see your employees getting happier, your customers getting happier, and your business results getting better.”

Rodrigo Lopez

Regional SVP, Comcast

Enhance the employee experience

Medallia empowers leaders at every level to take action on employee feedback. Team leaders get confidential feedback from direct reports, while executives and HR teams can analyze the employee journey by cohort or by event (such as onboarding or re-orgs) to keep pace with changes in the business.

Analyze employee and team performance

Identify top talent and pinpoint skill gaps by viewing employee and customer feedback at the team or individual level. Connect feedback with HR information systems and operational data to understand relationships between team experience, customer experience, productivity metrics, and more.

Build your talent pool

Timely feedback is a powerful tool for learning and development. Give customer-facing employees a real-time flow of feedback from the customers they serve, creating a self-improvement loop. Ensure people managers get regular feedback from direct reports to hone their leadership skills.

Accelerate innovation and productivity

Empower your employees to re-think how they work for stronger productivity. Medallia brings feedback into team huddles to solve challenges at the local level and escalate high-potential improvement ideas. We also make it easy to see if changes have the desired impact by tracking feedback over time.

Motivate more customer-centric behaviors

Medallia shines a light on positive outcomes to help you motivate customer-centric behaviors. Alert teams when they create customer promoters, recognize specific employees through customer and employee “shout-outs,” and share insights from top-performing teams across the organization.

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Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for People & Culture

HRIS Integration
No more manual file feeds: our two-way HRIS integration keeps your data current so feedback is well-targeted and results are associated with the right teams

Adjust confidentiality levels based on unique company requirements, from full anonymity to select administrative access to demographic data

Integrated EX/CX Reporting
Understand the relationship between employee experience and customer experience metrics at the team or location level

Real-time Data
Confidential employee feedback is shared by team as soon as surveys close and customer feedback flows to employees and teams in real-time

Insights Suite
Find insights quickly and prioritize the most valuable improvement opportunities using statistical and regression analysis

Role-based Analytics
Give team leaders direct access to their team’s results while reserving higher-level analytics and filtering for leadership and administrators

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