Medallia for CX Professionals

Orchestrate your entire customer experience

Your CX teams play a central role in orchestrating a smooth, end-to-end customer experience. Medallia provides the backbone technology to help those teams succeed. We are the platform of choice for the world’s most beloved brands and most advanced customer experience teams.

“One of the beauties of having all the feedback in one source, is really you can put that feedback into the hands of people who can action it.”

Aisling Hassell
Head of Global Customer Experience, Airbnb

Deliver excellence across the customer journey.

Measure performance across the entire customer journey, by bringing together multiple data sources into one, unified view. From solicited feedback to online reviews, chat logs, clickstream data, and operational measures, Medallia unifies information so you can deliver excellence at every step.

Align cross-functional teams to what customers need.

Every team plays a role in your customer’s experience. We keep them working in tandem by delivering relevant customer feedback and reporting in a format that supports the decisions they need to make.

Engage every employee in the customer’s cause.

Use personalized response feeds and mobile apps to engage every employee, from executives to the frontline. Our Medallia Mobile and Medallia Voices apps make customer feedback a habit, so you can connect with customers anywhere, anytime.

Wire your organization to respond.

Automate follow-up workflows by routing each piece of feedback to the right internal owner, in real-time. Set alert rules, assign accountability and escalation paths, manage responses, and capture outcomes to look for patterns across multiple cases.

Prioritize investments with the customer in mind.

Make smarter investments by shining a light on customer priorities. You can analyze the customer experience at multiple levels, from the overall relationship to specific journeys, channels, touchpoints, and predict the impact of improvements using statistical regression and text analytics.

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The Value of Customer Experience Quantified (HBR online)

Drive better investments at every level by shining a light on customer priorities. You can analyze performance from the overall relationship to specific journeys, channels, touchpoints, or teams.


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Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for CX Professionals

Insights Suite

Find insights quickly and prioritize the most valuable improvement opportunities using statistical and regression analysis.

Text Analytics

Identify key themes and root causes by analyzing comments, chat logs, and other text that captures the customer’s own words.

Ask Now

Get feedback on innovations and A/B tests using targeted survey questions and reporting for test and control groups.

Health Check

Monitor the health of your program by evaluating the performance of your survey programs, sample, and user engagement.

Medallia Mobile
Put feedback in everyone’s hands so your teams can stay connected and respond to customers anytime, anywhere.

Closed-Loop Action
Reinforce customer relationships with real-time alerts and case management workflows that help put out fires quickly and prevent future issues.

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