Medallia for Contact Centers

Create memorable service experiences

When customers need your help, one thing’s for sure — they’re paying attention. With Medallia, you’ll empower your contact center teams to deliver memorable service experiences on a consistent basis, even in the most complex and rapidly changing environments.

“Since partnering with Medallia…we drove $2 billion in additional payment volume, as well as helped to enhance over 90 million customer experiences.”

Ellie Diaz

Vice President of Customer Engagement, PayPal

Measure performance of employees and partners

Consistent quality is critical to reduce customer churn. We make it easy to monitor performance in real time: by facility, team, agent, call type, time of day, and more. No need to stay glued to your desk — use our mobile app to track and take action on feedback no matter where you are.

Build processes for a dynamic environment

Keep up with staff transitions so that customer feedback is processed without a hitch. Our systems automatically sync with your organizational reporting structures. Feedback reaches the right person for follow-up and performance metrics roll up where you expect them to.

Follow up when the job is unfinished

The first remedy for service failures is a fast follow-up. Configure alerts to route negative feedback for action: set escalation paths and time frames, track follow-ups, and capture root causes to get ahead of repeat issues. Managers can monitor the entire process to ensure service levels are met.

Develop your teams with smarter coaching

Get a real-time flow of feedback from customers served by every frontline agent. Managers and coaches can use this data to benchmark performance across similar teams and illustrate improvement opportunities. Integrations allow you to link feedback with associated call recordings or QA audits.

Improve efficiency by tackling systemic issues

Address systemic issues so you can deliver an optimal service experience while reducing cost. Pinpoint issues within the call center, or upstream, by analyzing survey comments, chat logs, and call transcripts with our text analytics engine. Then, use A/B testing to confirm the efficacy of approaches.

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You Say You Want a Revolution: Build a Customer-centric Culture

On their own, both company culture and management practices influence how employees behave with your customers. But when culture and practices align around the customer, we see the biggest benefits.


Best Practice Package for Contact Centers

Get a best-in-class Contact Centers program

Jumpstart your CX program with our Best Practice Package for Contact Centers. This package brings together preconfigured software, best practices, and services that meet your contact center needs.

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Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for Contact Centers

Organization Sync
Automatically sync with changes to staffing and reporting structures so feedback is always assigned to the right person and team.

Closed-Loop Action
Reinforce customer relationships with real-time alerts and case management workflows that help put out fires quickly and prevent future issues.

Text Analytics
Identify key themes and root causes by analyzing comments, chat logs, and other text that captures the customer’s own words.

Insights Suite
Find insights quickly and prioritize the most valuable improvement opportunities using statistical and regression analysis.

Ask Now
Get feedback on new service treatments and A/B tests using targeted survey questions and reporting for test and control groups.

Health Check
Ensure every team is making the most of customer feedback by monitoring user engagement, closed loop actions, and more.

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