Medallia for Account Management

Get a 360-degree view of account health

Keep track of complex account relationships with clients and distributors. Only Medallia provides account owners a personalized, real-time view of feedback across every point of interaction.

“Medallia’s mobile app gets the customer into the heads and, essentially, the hearts of the salespeople. It’s useful and high impact, and it tells them things that are important to help them run their business.”

Dayton Semerjian

GM & SVP Global Customer Success, CA Technologies

Prioritize the most valuable investments

Medallia unravels the complex interactions of B2B accounts so you can prioritize the most important improvements. Analyze your experience to target improvements by geography, product line, journey, interaction channel, client role, account team, and more.

Grow business with clients and distributors

Don’t just call when you have something to sell. Start conversations with more stakeholders in every account by using feedback strategically. Stimulate dialogue at scale, cultivating relationships with new contacts and finding new opportunities.

Stay ahead of issues to improve retention

Receive alerts in real-time so you can respond quickly and stay ahead of potential issues. Overdue cases escalate automatically, and you can tag root causes to identify common problems. On the go? No problem. Access all of these functions from our mobile app.

Empower everyone to act like an account owner

Share feedback about each experience directly with the teams involved, as well as the account owner. This keeps everyone accountable for delivering what was promised. Our solutions sync with your organizational hierarchy so feedback history is automatically available when assignments change.

Shine a light on customer success

Find advocates to serve as references with potential customers. Ensure that key client-side decision-makers have the full picture about product and service delivery, including positive feedback from within their own organization.

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“Putting the ‘Customer’ in CRM

By integrating your CRM with an effective customer experience management system, you’ll give your sales and support teams direct access to the Voice of the Customer and allow them act on the feedback customers provide.


Best Practice Package for B2B

Get a best-in-class B2B program

Jumpstart your CX program with our Best Practice Package for B2B. This package brings together preconfigured software, best practices, and services that meet your B2B needs.

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Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for Account Management

Medallia Mobile
Put feedback in everyone’s hands so your account teams can stay connected and respond to customers anytime, anywhere.

Silent Account Monitoring
Silent accounts typically have higher retention risk than even detractors; non-responder alerts let you intervene before disengaged clients terminate.

CRM Integration
Sync feedback, cases, and other information in real time with other enterprise applications like

360-Degree Views
See the full picture across people and interactions within each account to understand account health.

Target feedback requests strategically across the customer journey and set quarantine rules so you won’t over-sample key customers.

Closed-Loop Action
Reinforce customer relationships with real-time alerts and case management workflows that help put out fires quickly and prevent future issues.

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