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Operational NPS at Global Scale—
GE Healthcare’s Experience Webinar

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GE was a high-profile pioneer in developing and using the Net Promoter System, the approach to building loyalty and driving increased revenue growth developed by Fred Reichheld and Bain & Company.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about how one of GE’s key units, GE Healthcare, adopted the Medallia CEM system. GE Healthcare has dramatically improved how it captures and acts on customer feedback in its highly complex global business, and it makes NPS really work for its business in a highly operational way. You’ll hear how GE has improved coverage, increased the timeliness of customer feedback capture, boosted response rate, driven more action, and dramatically reduced manual work and operational expense.

Please join David Kocher, Senior Services Marketing Manager at GE Healthcare, as he shares:
• His experiences in transforming GE Healthcare’s NPS program
• Challenges faced in operating the Net Promoter System on a global scale
• How GE Healthcare evaluated and selected a CEM system to improve its program and make it more effective
• Lessons learned as the global rollout proceeded and the positive business impacts realized so far

About GE Healthcare’s program: The GE Healthcare Voice of the Customer (VOC) program spans multiple relationship and transactional touchpoints that map across the customer journey. It is deployed globally in over 20 languages. GE leverages most of Medallia’s advanced applications, including Medallia Mobile, to encourage frontline engagement, and uses Medallia Text Analytics to quantify the impact of free-form text feedback.