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CXPA Webinar: Western Union on How to Drive a CX Transformation

CXPA Webinar: Western Union on How to Drive a CX Transformation

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It takes more than a great idea to transform customer experience. Companies that hope to rally more effectively around the customer need to do so by executing on a variety of fronts at the same time — involving not just new ways of doing, but new ways of thinking.

When setting out to transform the customer experience in Customer Care, leading payments provider Western Union focused on three key areas: people, process, and technology. With these core areas working together in concert, the company was able to drive significant improvement — improvement which, for customers, has materialized as a positive, tangible transformation.

In this webinar recording, they’ll share the strategies that allowed them to accomplish this transformation, addressing challenges like:

  • Identifying and prioritizing pain points to address
  • Ideating solutions that will have a significant impact
  • Embedding those solutions across a global organization.

In this recording, Stephanie Pendolino, Director of Customer and Agent Insights at Western Union, is joined for a discussion on the subject of CX transformation by John Abraham, Head of the Medallia Institute.