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Cutting Risk and Uncertainty with Customer Feedback

Cutting Risk and Uncertainty with Customer Feedback

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Every insurance policy is rooted in an insurers’ ability to make sense of the risk using the best information at their disposal. The fewer data points companies use to base their underwriting decisions, the more likely they are to misjudge the exposures. This principle holds true when it comes to understanding customers and key business partners with incomplete information.

When operational decisions are based on point-in-time studies or anecdotal customer feedback, they expose insurance providers to unnecessary business risk. The rapidly evolving customer expectations and unprecedented appetite from disrupters trying to capture market share amplifies this risk. It has never been more important to get an accurate pulse of the client, partner, and employee experience.

In this webinar, you will learn how real-time customer feedback data can help:

  • reduce operational risk
  • improve customer retention
  • create a sustainable competitive advantage in the changing insurance landscape