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5 Trends That Will Reshape CX Insights

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When it comes to creating experiences that meet the rising expectations of customers today, it’s important to always be planning for tomorrow. With this in mind, the Temkin Group recently published a research report, The Future of Customer Experience Insights, to explore what’s next in CX.

Highlighted in the report is the Temkin Group’s belief that companies can dramatically improve the value they derive from their customer insight efforts. In particular, they home in on five key trends that will redefine how customer insights teams operate:

  • Deep empathy, not stacks of metrics
  • Continuous insights, not periodic studies
  • Customer journeys, not isolated interactions
  • Useful prescriptions, not past descriptions, and
  • Enterprise intelligence, not customer feedback

Join our webinar with Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of the Temkin Group and Chairman of the CXPA. He’ll be diving deeper into his team’s research report, answering your questions, and giving us a glimpse into the future of customer experience insights.

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