Q1 Product Update

What’s new?

Available April: Enhanced Filtering Capabilities

They are ready! The highly demanded filter enhancements will exit beta and become generally available on April 1st, 2015.

These enhanced filters have powerful new capabilities that can be leveraged by insights teams and frontline users. Capitalizing on Medallia’s industry-leading In-Memory Analytics Engine technology, we’ve completely redesigned our system to make it faster and easier for users to filter, select, and slice their data.

What’s new:

  • Multi-selection – Previously Medallia’s filters only allowed one selection per dropdown. The new Dynamic Filters allow you to add multiple selections, making filtering and analysis much more powerful.
  • Built-in and/or logic – When you dynamically add filters for each field you are interested in, the filters use “and” logic. And within each filter, the selected values are governed by “or” logic. This sort of filtering has become standard, so it should require little to no training for end users.
  • Improved field availability – Almost all fields can be used as a filter, even if the field has thousands of possible values. In most cases, you no longer have to use custom queries to access these fields. Check with your Medallia team for more information about the fields that will be available for filtering.
  • Data-driven filtering – As you make filter selections, the remaining filter options adjust dynamically, excluding the options that will not return data.. This saves you from running reports that return no data.
  • Enhanced role customizability – You can specify which filters are visible to each user role, allowing for a more targeted and relevant user experience.
  • Customizable ordering – Choose the ordering of your hierarchy and segment filters to fit your company’s use cases. Check with your Medallia team if you’re interested in moving your filters around.
  • Modern interface and usability – As part of Medallia’s effort to keep our interface fresh and engaging for users, the new filters’ look and feel more modern — and include usability improvements that make it easier to add, change, and deselect filters.

What you need to know:

  • Important: We are planning to discontinue the traditional filter look and feel by the end of 2015.  However, the new filters are not auto-on. You will be able to work with your Medallia team over the coming months to determine the appropriate time to roll out these enhancements.
  • These capabilities will be generally available on April 1st, 2015.

Mobile Momentum: Visual Scorecards Enhancements

If you are not using Medallia Mobile App, you are missing out. Usage of the app has more than tripled over the past few months to include tens of thousands of active users.

We have added a highly engaging visual dimension to the mobile scorecards. The trendline for each score is now shown as a compact “sparkline”. With just a tap, users can expand this sparkline into a larger, more detailed line-graph with labeled data points — giving them a more detailed view of the trend over time.


Additionally, mobile scorecards allow you to customize:

  • Organizational units
  • Time periods
  • Calculations
  • Benchmarks

What you need to know:

  • The visual enhancements for the mobile scorecards are now available in iOS and will be available for Android in the coming weeks.
  • The mobile app includes three primary features: feedback for rapid response recovery, scorecards to check performances, and a ranker to compare performance. You will see these visual trendlines in your app if you have the scorecards activated.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your Medallia team for more information. Your Medallia teams have access to templates and training resources to support your rollout.
  • To use the mobile app’s latest and greatest capabilities, users need to have the most recent app version and these features need to be activated at the account level. Users can find the app in the  iTunes® store and on Google Play™ (Android).

Text Analytics Momentum: New Native Text Analytics Languages & Sentiment Models

New Native Text Analytics Languages

We are excited to announce that our text analytics engine  can now natively parse and run topic analysis on 16 languages.

TA-Languages2Why it matters:

  • Translating feedback into English in order to run text analytics often causes accuracy issues. Now you can ensure higher accuracy by running text analytics in customers’ native languages.
  • Multinational companies can better equip departments that do business in multiple languages.

What you need to know:

  • Machine translations are still available for 50+ languages.
  • Adding languages requires a fee and configuration time.
  • Reach out to your Medallia Team for more information.

Sentiment Models

We are also proud to be adding 7 additional industry-specific sentiment models to our Medallia Text Analytics offering.


Sentiment Analysis is an important component of text analytics, allowing customers to understand, segment and report on positive and negative customer sentiment. And to gain the most benefit from this ability, it’s critical to have accurate, trustworthy underlying technology..

Medallia takes a machine-learning-based approach to sentiment analysis, which has been proven to have much stronger accuracy and recall rates than traditional dictionary approaches. For example, machine-learning-based sentiment models can offer accuracy rates close to 85%, while rates for dictionary-based generic models can be between 50%-70%. We  build our models on an industry-by-industry basis in order to maintain high accuracy, and will continue to do so down the road.

What you need to know:

  • These sentiment models are not auto-on.
  • Medallia supports one industry specific sentiment model per customer instance. Each model can include several languages.
  • There is no added fee for industry-based sentiment models for text analytics customers, but implementation does require additional configuration time.
  • Reach out to your Medallia team for more information.

Announcing: Redesigned Self-Service Text Analytics

We have completely redesigned our Text Analytics offering’s topic building tool, allowing  program administrators to be more nimble in creating and maintaining the topic sets that best represent their business. This leads to improved efficiency, greater ease and higher-quality topic categorization — with all of the freedom our self-service functionality provides. Creating topics on the fly will enable tracking the success of new innovations, product launches and marketing campaigns and help drive data driven decisions.


Why it matters

With Self-Service Text Analytics, you are able to:

  • Take full control of your topic sets: You know your business best, and now you can use that knowledge to build representative topics.
  • Report on insights from text data: Newly created topics appear immediately in your Medallia Text Analytics reports so you can report on the insights from those topics right away.
  • Achieve more  efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy: The redesigned tool makes it faster to build topics, easier to build rules, and more straightforward to monitor the quality of each topic with user annotations of comments.

Self service software pricing is also inexpensive, since it does not scale with the total number of topics. In fact, you can now create up to 1000 topics at no extra charge! New text analytics clients will see a significant reduction in “time to value,” as they can start configuring topics as soon as their primary Medallia implementation goes live.

What you need to know

  • This is not auto-on for Text Analytics clients.
  • To enable your selected employees to use these self-service features, we have developed a certification program along with the pricing schedule. For more information, contact your Medallia Team.

Medallia Resolve Momentum

We continue to add features to Medallia Resolve, our feature set that helps you close both the inner and outer loop with your customers. These improvements make it easier than ever for you to follow up with customers after receiving feedback — as well as to identify, capture and track root causes of problems, monitor and collaborate on cases, “bubble up” frontline ideas for process improvements and track the impact of improvement initiatives over time.

Closed Loop Feedback Form on Mobile

To start, we are adding the closed loop feedback form to our mobile app. Now when you are closing an alert on mobile, you can record additional feedback from the follow up conversation, or even close the alert right then and there — without having to go to your computer.

For extra simplicity on-the-go, this closed loop form features a highly usable mobile-specific design. As you have come to expect from our mobile app, mobile-optimized date selection, single-select, multi-select and text entry UI make data entry easy.


What you need to know:

  • The closed loop feedback form will be available in coming weeks.
  • If you are interested in Medallia’s Mobile app, contact your Medallia Team for more information.
  • The closed loop feedback form needs to be enabled in your web application for it to appear in your users’ mobile apps.
  • Users can find the app in the  iTunes® store and on Google Play™ (Android).

 Enhanced Rapid Response with CC Functionality

When you are closing the loop with customers, you often want to loop in colleagues to ask them for help or to keep them informed. To enable this communication, Medallia has added optional CC (carbon copy) functionality to our enhanced rapid response functionality. You can CC people directly from within Medallia or when you reply to the response from your preferred email application, and everyone’s responses will always be captured in the system.


There are two different modes:

Public Conversation Mode

This is the standard mode, and allows your customers to see who has been added to the response as well as any subsequent messages sent on that email string. It allows your colleagues to chime in and contribute to the conversation with the customer.

Private Conversation Mode

In this mode, the customer cannot see who has been copied on the response or read any of the responses sent by those on the CC line. This is helpful when you need to discuss  issue with colleagues in private before following up with the customer.

What you need to know:

  • This feature is not auto-on.
  • To use this feature, you need to have enhanced responses turned on. To learn more about enhanced responses, click here.
  • This is a program-wide feature, so you can not switch between these two modes on a conversation-to-conversation bases.
  • If you are interested in adding enhanced responses or cc functionality, please contact your Medallia team.

Browser Support Information

Our web application login page now links to a browser requirements page, so you and your colleagues can easily verify browser compatibility for themselves or for their team without having to login. This is a useful resource for your IT team,  especially if they are not Medallia users.


What you need to know:

  • You do not need to be a Medallia user to have access to browser requirements. Great to share with you IT departments.
  • To continue enjoying Medallia’s ongoing platform enhancements, please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or use any of our other supported browsers.