Medallia Integration Layer

Connect your business-critical systems to the Voice of the Customer

With an extensive library of native API and data integration technologies, Medallia wires the enterprise with the voice of the customer. Companies can connect Medallia to multiple systems in real time and use the Integration Layer to innovate on top of the Medallia Experience Cloud.

Tap into existing systems

Medallia hooks into established systems and processes, so you can initiate the action you want, regardless of the tools you use. Close the loop in Salesforce, launch campaigns in Marketo, build visualizations in Tableau and much, much more.

Connect in real time

Whether you’re analyzing data from individual systems or connecting to your data warehouse, Medallia makes integrations easy. RESTful APIs, automated processes, and flexible data handling means seamless, real-time transactions.

Dream it, build it

Leverage Medallia’s APIs and developer portal to build applications you never thought possible. Want to layer NPS, network quality, and GPS data on Google Maps? No problem. You bring the creativity, we’ll bring the canvas.

Real-Time APIs

Immediately import data and automate processes that deliver surveys in-the-moment and keep your hierarchies in sync.

Orchestrate workflows between Medallia and your existing systems. Synchronize data, create cases, and trigger campaigns in real time.

Export data from Medallia on-demand. Easily build queries for reporting or analyses in your business intelligence tools.

Enterprise scale permeates across our entire solution, and integrations is no exception. From thousands of records a day to millions – we’re ready for it.

“With Medallia’s real-time APIs, it’s easy to integrate our proprietary systems. We synchronize customer feedback with our CRM, deliver SMS surveys from an internal engine, and build new applications on the Medallia platform.”

Boris Antyushin
Head of CX Design and Systems Development, Beeline

Automated Data Integration

Flexible Data Handling
Save time and effort with support for JSON, XML, SPSS, CSV and other file formats. Send us your data, and we’ll handle the rest.

Data Validation
Don’t let messy data stand in your way. Medallia removes duplicative records and discrepancies, so you can work with the highest quality information.

Transformation & Mapping
Leverage configurable rules and scripts to transform data into invitations, historical records, and hierarchies, without error-prone manual processes.

Synchronous & Asynchronous Processing
Medallia has the flexibility to process data based on your need. Choose from synchronous, asynchronous, transactional or bulk.

Scheduled, event-based or ad hoc
Whether you’re looking to initiate transfers at specific times, by events, or on-demand, our capabilities have you covered.

Secure Transfers
With HTTPS encryption, STFP transfers, OAuth authentication and IP whitelisting, rest assured – your data is safe with us.

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