Medallia Insights Suite

What is driving my customer’s experience? Does the drop in scores really matter? Is there a specific area I should focus on? Find out with Medallia Insights Suite.

Rapid insights at your fingertips, with live data

The lag time in obtaining a clear answer, the manual process of compiling reports, and lack of organizational buy-in all hinder the Insights team’s ability to influence change in the organization. Medallia Insights Suite overcomes these hurdles by enabling users to conduct deeper data analyses, marrying deep insights with operational prowess. Insights teams can:

  • Focus on strategic change, not administrative tasks
  • Minimize human errors and troubleshoot less
  • Get the rest of the organization onboard with initiatives
  • Enable users and teams across the company to generate simple insights

The result?

An organization that is prescriptive and timely with its customer experience improvements.

Medallia Insights Suite includes:

  • text-analytics-5

    Text Analytics

    Identify and prioritize the most pressing issues by analyzing massive amounts of comments and listening to customers in their own voice

  • cross-tabs

    Cross Tabs

    Investigate unexpected trends in your feedback data by running cross tabulations to view distributions and draw relationships between variables

  • performance

    Performance Measurement & Trends

    Obtain a quick view of performance with ranking, benchmark, and trending reports that show up-to-date performance across time periods or segments

  • customer-profile

    Customer Profiling

    Understand your customers by viewing a demographic breakdown of your survey takers based on demographics and segments

  • weigh

    Real-time Weighting

    Obtain a reflective view of your data by running analyses that are in-line with the distribution of the organization’s customer base or target demographics

  • dynamic-filters-3

    Cohort Tracking and Custom Groups

    Take prescriptive actions on specific groups of customers, locations, or regions by tracking the groups over time and across segments

  • outer-loop

    Outer Loop Improvement Tracking

    Diagnose issues and recover future customers by analyzing the root cause of problems

  • advanced-exports

    Advanced Exports

    Easily retrieve precisely the data you need and connect to external systems with self-configured exports

  • pivot-tables

    Pivot Tables

    Get rapid answers by building pivot tables to view scores on multiple dimensions and conduct quick ad hoc analyses

  • key-2

    Key Driver Analysis

    Focus on improvements that garner the most bang for your buck by using impact, correlation, and regression analyses to prioritize key drivers

  • real-time-weighing

    Distribution Analysis

    Easily pinpoint areas you should focus on by viewing the distribution of your scores

  • testing

    Significance Testing

    View positive, negative, or insignificant variances in scores at a glance with built-in statistical tests

  • filter

    Dynamic Filtering

    Get different views of your feedback by adjusting filters in real-time across any permutation

  • health-check

    Health Check

    Monitor the health of your program by evaluating the performance of your survey programs, sample, and user engagement

  • ask-now

    Ask Now

    Dive deeper into customer feedback and test new concepts concurrently by targeting the precise customer segment or location

  • spss

    SPSS Integration

    Bring customer data into SPSS easily with compatible exports