Medallia for Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive in the world. The cost of acquiring customers is high, competition is fierce, and customer profitability is directly tied to retention. In this environment, loyalty can no longer be bought. You must earn it by offering your customers a great experience. Medallia helps telcos on nearly every continent on the planet (we’re still working on Antarctica) improve their customer experience.

Make the connection.

  • Understand the journey of your customers as they navigate through your organization. More so than in any other industry, telco customers will interact with multiple touchpoints in a single episode: for example, purchasing a phone in-store, activating it via phone, and managing an account online. Medallia works across all of your channels.
  • Engage your entire organization in the customer experience — with real-time dashboards for everyone from the CEO to front line staff across all telco channels (retail, online, call center).
  • Leverage Medallia’s native support for multiple languages — providing you with a single tool to support your entire customer experience management effort, everywhere you do business in the world.
  • Use multiple modes to solicit feedback — web, email, IVR and SMS — engaging customers however they prefer, and increasing your response rates.
  • Systematically close the loop with customers and take action to improve, save unhappy customers before they churn, and drive greater customer loyalty.
  • Get to the root cause of issues using Medallia’s built-in text analytics — enabling you to quickly make sense of large volumes of unstructured feedback in customer verbatim comments and from feedback that comes through channels such as SMS.
  • Track key B2B relationships with large customers using Medallia Key Account Management.