Medallia for Retail

Medallia offers a customer experience management solution specifically designed for retailers — it is used not only by America’s largest luxury retailer, but also by a retailer with some of the highest profitability per square foot in the world. Our comprehensive retail customer solution makes it easy for your entire organization to deliver winning experiences while overcoming the unique obstacles of retail.

Omnichannel feedback.

Collect feedback from all of your customers, including anonymous ones, across every touchpoint. Even with limited or no customer contact information, you can achieve retail-industry-leading response rates in a frictionless, practical way with Medallia’s:

  • In-app surveys with location-aware notifications to capture buyer and non-buyer feedback.
  • E-mail surveys of customers for whom you have e-mail addresses, such as loyalty program members and store credit card holders.
  • Web intercept surveys that include advanced sampling triggers to boost response rates on e-commerce feedback.
  • Sweepstakes (if desired), which augment response rates.
  • Other data collection modes, including social media, SMS, receipt-based surveys, contact center, QR codes, kiosks, comment cards, and more.

Employee engagement.

Retail can be a tough, burn-out business for employees. Medallia helps transform frontline employees into customer experience professionals who find meaning in their work. Our solution links feedback to individual employees by:

  • Integrating with POS transaction data, which usually includes employee number.
  • Searching for specific employee names in comments.
  • Reporting employee-specific data to the employees themselves.
  • Broadly sharing positive “alerts,” which usually name specific employees, to build a positive, customer experience-focused culture.

The result, according to our customers, is a surge in employee engagement.


Facilitate data sharing at the store level —
even without widespread computer access.

Access from anywhere.

A key to delivering excellent customer experiences is consistency over time and across employees. To get everyone on the same page — including frontline employees who may not have ongoing internet access — Medallia delivers:

  • Push reports of key summary data. Employees who can’t (or don’t) log in frequently receive emailed reports regularly. They can also access all reports and actions to close-the-loop on their mobile phones.
  • Daily five-minute “morning coffee” reviews of yesterday’s customer results. Many retail teams start their days with these.
  • Circulation of comment digests for posting in break rooms. “Comments come through Medallia, get circulated internally, and become urban legends,” explained one customer.

Point of sale integration.

To fully leverage your POS data, Medallia integrates it with your customer experience feedback so you can understand the financial impact of:

  • Product and product category preference.
  • Store experience.
  • Call center experiences.
  • Time of purchase.
  • Department experience.
  • Sales associate interaction.

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