Medallia for Financial Services

It used to be that most of our interactions with banks, insurance and investment firms were in person. Today, that’s no longer the case. But these new channels of interaction haven’t decreased the importance of customer experience — if anything, they have only increased it. With Medallia, every interaction becomes an opportunity for financial services and insurance companies to turn a transactional customer into a lifetime one. And that’s why the world’s largest insurer, the world’s largest mutual fund company, and a range of the world’s other leading financial services institutions rely on Medallia.

Best Practice Package for Retail Banking

Get a best-in-class retail banking program

Jumpstart your CX program with our Best Practice Package for Retail Banking. This package brings together preconfigured software, best practices, and services that meet your retail banking needs.

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Invest in relationships.

  • Understand customer impressions across all product lines (savings, lending, credit, investment, insurance), all channels (web, phone, in person at branch), and all market segments.
  • Increase share of wallet through relationship building and closing the loop with dissatisfied personal and commercial clients.
  • Ensure policy and fee changes don’t adversely affect your customer experience and loyalty.
  • Strengthen customer relationships ahead of financial product expiration or policy renewal with relationship management tools designed to help you get the business when it comes time to renew.
  • Ensure your agents are fully competent on your products and services by evaluating performance from the ultimate judge — your customers.
  • Ensure consistent brand experience across interactions at branches, call centers and online channels.