Medallia for Automotive

The car buying experience has changed a lot in the last decade. Product quality between manufacturers has narrowed to the point where, by itself, it is rarely enough. To win and retain customers requires delivering an exceptionally strong total experience — not just in product, but in sales and service, too. Medallia equips frontline dealer staff to deliver such an end-to-end experience — which is why the largest auto company in the world uses us to improve the automotive experience, and why we’re inside the big three luxury manufacturers, too.

Dealer feedback management.

Your brand might own your brand experience — but your dealers own the everyday sales and service experience. Medallia’s track record in helping brands improve the customer experience in highly franchised environments is unparalleled. Our solution not only generates deep insight into automotive customers, but also guides frontline dealer staff to deliver an experience that lives up to your brand promise. Fully utilized, Medallia has the power to transform customers into promoters — who create great word of mouth for your dealers.

Everything comes standard.

  • Understand customers at all touch points: sales, finance, and after-sales service.
  • Engage directly with customers around improving their purchasing and servicing experiences.
  • Close the loop with customers, fostering loyalty that brings customers back not just for servicing, but for their next car purchase.
  • Use native text analytics to quickly and easily identify root causes of frustrations with dealer sales and servicing experiences across all your dealerships.
  • Understand the impact of customer experience on revenue by integrating sales and service retention data with satisfaction data.
  • Enable dealers to easily manage their local reputation and monitor competitors through social media engagement.
  • Build social reputation through Medallia Promote, raising dealer profiles on sites like, Edmunds and Yelp.
  • Learn from best-in-class dealerships and provide insight to zone managers who are coaching individual dealer locations.
  • Empower field operations to deliver a consistent brand experience at every dealer location.
  • Give brand management visibility into the dealership experience.