Enterprise Feedback Management

Customer feedback is a constant stream of information across different media. Staying on top of it all is essential. Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) systems help companies collect and parse feedback, then act on customer insights to deliver a better customer experience.

The technology you need to improve the customer experience.

Through a comprehensive EFM system, businesses can run multiple surveys, generate reports on survey results and manage alerts regarding at-risk customers. Enterprise feedback management from Medallia encompasses all this functionality in a clean and intuitive UI supported by top-notch client services.

Medallia supports Enterprise Feedback Management initiatives by being:

Transparent. Collect feedback from multiple channels (email, web, phone, etc) and unify into a definitive picture of the customer

Engaging. Simple, intuitive analytics and reporting ensures the entire organization, executive to frontline, understands feedback and how to take action to improve

High-performing. Patented technology brings customer insights to business users in real-time and fires off actions about at-risk customers and failing processes as they are happening

A Complete Enterprise Feedback Management System

Medallia helps your enterprise capture, analyze and and act on feedback.

Multi-Channel Customer Feedback: Feedback used to be captured on a paper survey or in a feedback box. Today’s EFM solutions capture feedback across every channel of your business operations: the Web, social, email, call center, physical locations. It operates natively across the desktop and mobile. Medallia’s advantage of being able to operate everywhere your customers are? A true “360-degree view” of your business.

Integrated Insights: Capturing feedback is only the first step. In order to be effective, EFM solutions need to be able to integrate and analyze multi-channel feedback. Medallia is able to generate unique insights by conducing sentiment analysis of social media data, side-by-side with survey satisfaction and loyalty scores. It also can drill deeper than ever into feedback sources at the response level — for example, verbatim survey responses or call recordings — to give your organization all of the context it needs to improve the experience.

Financial Impact: In addition to integrating all types of customer feedback, Medallia is able to integrate operational and financial data from enterprise resource planning systems. With this data linked to your feedback data, you’re able to tie customer experience directly to financial outcomes; and Medallia can recommend actions and improvement areas based on the largest financial and operational impact that they will have.

Advanced Action Management: Most EFM solutions provide only basic alerts triggered by negative survey responses. Medallia goes far beyond this. It provides a complete workflow system that takes the business user through each step in customer recovery, managing process change, and improving customer interactions. With a case management workflow that tracks engagement and escalations, you’ll ensure that no customer slips between cracks.