Medallia Admin Suite

Be more responsive to the needs of your organization with the ability to test and innovate confidently.

Introducing Medallia Digital

Medallia Digital helps companies capture customer feedback across emerging web and mobile channels, engage customers with compelling digital experiences, and keep pace with customers’ constantly changing behaviors.  Purpose-built for digital users, Medallia Digital is a native component of the Medallia platform, providing deep analytics across a unified view of the customer experience.

  • Get the Full Picture

    Obtain a true omnichannel view across touchpoints and see how digital interactions impact the overall customer experience

  • Optimize Conversions

    Understand what drives purchase behaviors and remove barriers

  • Be Where Customers Are

    Capture in-the-moment customer feedback across web and mobile channels

  • Monitor and Iterate

    Track how web and mobile updates are perceived by customers and whether they provide the desired outcomes

A More Digital Medallia

One system of record for all customer experience feedback across journeys and touchpoints

  • Web Feedback

    Solicit customer feedback with site-intercepts, abandonment surveys, and feedback links

  • Web Analytics Integration

    Enrich the voice of the customer with operational and clickstream data

  • Contemporary Look-and-Feel

    Reflect and extend a favorable brand experience with a beautiful, contemporary user experience

  • Research Caliber Analytics

    Leverage Medallia’s deep analytics to uncover insights, spot emerging trends, and drive improvements

  • Mobile Feedback

    Reduce friction on mobile devices with in-app and responsive mobile web feedback collection

  • Easy Administration

    Deploy changes in minutes with easy-to-use, self-service capabilities

  • Advanced Segmentation

    Use sophisticated customer segmentation and targeting to reach the right people at the right time

  • Real-time Alerting

    Close-the-loop in real-time to proactively recover and engage with customers

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