“Medallia has been a fantastic enabler to our customer orientation. I can tell from the results that it's adding value: our customers are more satisfied with us and therefore staying longer with us.”

Timm Degenhardt
CMO - Sunrise Communications

Sunrise Communications: Shining a Light on Customers

Saved $20 million by innovating based on customer feedback

Sunrise Communications is one of Switzerland’s largest telco, totalling over $2B in annual revenue. With mounting churn and customer dissatisfaction, the company realized it needed to re-establish itself as a leader in customer experience. It decided to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market not by price, but instead through customer experience excellence.

So, Sunrise partnered with both Medallia and Bain Consulting to implement a unified CEM platform and infrastructures to foster this customer-centricity. Now all parts of the business–retail, B2B, fixed installations, contact centers–and all levels throughout the organization–from the C-Suite to the frontline–are fully engaged in scouring customer feedback data to make improvements.

The results are remarkable. Not only has there been a cultural transformation throughout the business, the company has seen decreased churn, increased NPS, and increased sales per visits
in stores.