Bright Colors, Brighter Ideas: Sherwin-Williams Closes the Loop with 100% of Customers

Bright Colors, Brighter Ideas: Sherwin-Williams Closes the Loop with 100% of Customers

Gusto Gold. Tempo Teal. River Rouge. Color swatches cover your kitchen table, and you don’t know where to start. We’ve all been there. Choosing the right palette for your renovation project or new kitchen is tedious, careful work, and Sherwin-Williams understands the intense planning that goes into making the perfect choice.

To create loyal customers, Sherwin-Williams focuses on personalized service, guiding both do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners and wholesale construction professionals through the paint process, and providing tips and techniques. Using Medallia, the company treats each survey response as an opportunity to build the relationship beyond the single transaction. Store managers close the loop with every customer who gives feedback within 48 hours.

When a contractor submits a survey, that triggers two alerts: one to the store manager and one to the regional sales rep who manages the wholesale account. Both reach out to the customer, advancing the relationship and meeting any other needs the customer may have for the project. The two-step closed-loop process is clearly working: Sherwin-Williams’ NPS numbers are among the highest in the retail industry.

And closing the loop pays dividends. Many customers who receive follow-up attention express shock that not only was their feedback heard, but a local manager responded. Sherwin-Williams routinely convert customers to promoters, who spend more, return more, and refer more business. By seamlessly facilitating these conversations with customers, Medallia helps Sherwin-Williams not only create customer happiness in the moment, but also better capture lifetime value.

“One of the ways we continue to increase our Net Promoter Score is by responding to every customer survey in real time. Medallia makes that easy to do, with its timely customer feedback and simple, intuitive closed-loop tools.”
– Mark Sposito, VP of Marketing