Using the Voice of the Customer as a Catalyst for Strategic Growth

3 critical indicators of global NPS identified within first year live

The UK-based company sees customer experience as a core element of its business. So core, in fact, that its new CEO has tied executive compensation to key customer experience metrics. Yet, delivering an exceptional customer experience across multiple divisions, culturally diverse acquisitions and two dozen countries wasn’t simple. So, Sage partnered with Medallia to identify and invest in aspects of its customer journey that generated fast, meaningful change for their customers.

“As a company, our cultural attitude towards the customer experience has shifted from one of questioning to one of empowerment. We focus our energy on looking at solutions rather than piecing apart excuses.” – Jim Pendergast, SVP, Global Customer Experience

Using customer insights from Medallia, Sage identified three key areas it could immediately address that would have a significant impact on the company’s global NPS score, and acted on them within weeks.