“Medallia’s tools have transformed our focus on our customers’ needs. Using data insights and feedback, we’ve been able to galvanize the company around a strategy that meets our customers' demands.”

Dave Berman
President - RingCentral

RingCentral: Using Innovation to Drive Customer Retention at Scale

9 out of 10 average Global Customer Satisfaction Scores within first year live

RingCentral, a leading cloud communications system provider, found itself with a dilemma: after five years of impressive double-digit revenue growth and up-market expansions building momentum, the company knew it had no problem acquiring new customers.

But with a classic SaaS business model based on recurring software subscriptions, the company also knew that in order to sustain such impressive growth, it needed to retain and grow current customer accounts. That’s why RingCentral resolved to understand and take action on the voice of the customer with Medallia.

With this shift in priorities and the actions that followed, the company has already seen some impressive results. Not only has RingCentral achieved a closed-loop process rate of 100%, the company now has an average 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction score (CSAT) across all accounts.