Reducing Customer Pain Points Boosts Billions

Drove $2 billion in additional transactional payment volume

“Just PayPal me!” Whether splitting a bill with friends or shopping online, PayPal has become a digital wallet for millions of people and businesses around the world. PayPal understands that keeping things easy for its customers is key to the company’s continued success: easy to set up an account, easy to transfer money, and easy to resolve an issue. Ease of use helps build customer loyalty and maintain PayPal’s market share.

With ensuring that ease in mind, the company monitors customer experiences with all global service channels and transactions. Through Medallia, PayPal solicits feedback in 27 different languages from service transactions across a variety of channels. This feedback is then delivered in real-time to the right service center Team Members to take action. Now equipped with customized customer data, each of these 20+ service centers and nearly 9,000 agents have the right information to drive improvement. Clear, tailored actions have significantly boosted engagement with the CEM platform.

At the strategic level, PayPal’s Global Operations team uses Medallia to identify and reduce top customer pain points. For example, based on merchant feedback, the team identified that there was merchant dissatisfaction with fees, there was a need for stronger protection policies, and a strong desire to talk to a relationship manager every month. Armed with these insights, the team worked with the relevant teams to build changes in those areas.

And turns out, improvements like these have a massive impact on revenue: PayPal has driven an increase of $2 Billion in transactional volume directly due to the reduction in pain points.

“Since partnering with Medallia…we drove $2 billion in additional payment volume, as well as helped to enhance over 90 million customer experiences.”
– Ellie Diaz, Vice President of Customer Engagement