La Quinta Knows Every Experience Counts

Used customer insight to guide a $20M investment

La Quinta sells 19 million rooms a year, but not by chance. In hospitality it’s easy for customers to switch to competitors; one poor experience at a La Quinta could translate into losing a customer for life. So to build lasting loyalty, La Quinta focuses on consistently creating great experiences at each and every property.

For over a decade La Quinta has relied on Medallia to equip employees with the right customer data and deliver these great experiences. Every day property managers log into Medallia to review customer feedback, coach their staff, and run hotel operations. If a customer leaves negative feedback, Medallia immediately pings the right person to contact that guest and convert that negative experience into a positive one.

At the corporate level, Medallia helps drive multi-million business decisions. Executives carefully study the ROI of guest satisfaction. By testing guest experience innovations and then listening to customers, La Quinta’s management team can create business cases for its franchisees and invest resources meaningfully.

Take, for example, an organization-wide initiative to refresh its breakfast service—a service that costs the business $40 million a year. After testing a small pilot through Medallia, satisfaction scores in the pilot were higher across the board. Armed with this data, La Quinta moved forward with the $20M breakfast revamp for all corporate-owned hotels.