Four Seasons: Continually (Re)Inventing the Standards of Customer Experience

7 point increase in industry leading NPS within first year live

“The outcome in our industry normally depends on the front-line employees—doormen, bellmen, waiters, maids, the lowest-paid people—and often, in too many companies, the least motivated. These front-line staff represent our product to our customers. In the most realistic sense, they are the product.” – Isadore Sharp, Founder and Chairman, Four Seasons

How does Four Seasons continue to foster such a customer-centric spirit? By empowering its employees to go out of their way to create outstanding experiences.

For six years Four Seasons has relied on Medallia’s platform to manage experiences across all properties and empower its people with customer data to make improvements. The system provides Four Seasons with a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey: from arrival to checkout, and everything in between. And Medallia’s role-based reporting ensures that only the most relevant information is presented to the right people in the organization to take action.

The results speak for themselves. At already industry-leading NPS levels, Four Seasons managed to improve NPS by 7 points since rolling out Medallia, to leading levels in the luxury hospitality sector. Employee engagement with customer data is incredibly high—staff members all throughout the organization love to see how they’re performing in real time and action insights. And while response rates have increased, there’s been a 38% decrease in negative surveys submitted. The brand has also been able to identify that staff and service is most important category in terms of driving satisfaction, and with its focus on this, has maintained world-class satisfaction levels.

“Having accessible customer data enables our hotels to truly understand and connect with our guests as we strive to always exceed their expectations, and create great value in choosing Four Seasons.”
– Scott Taber, VP Rooms