“Medallia is our dashboard. It’s the information that we get on a consistent basis from Medallia that keeps the engine, called Extended Stay Hotels, moving forward in the right direction.”

Jim Donald
CEO - Extended Stay Hotels

Extended Stay: Driving Satisfaction and Growth With the Voice of the Customer

100% alert closure rate cross 684 properties

Extended Stay Hotels is on a mission to enhance guest satisfaction, and energizing the entire organization is a crucial part of accomplishing this goal. The company’ rockstar executive team understands the importance of the voice of the customer in driving improved satisfaction and revenue—and relies on Medallia to make sure that voice is heard company-wide.

When CEO Jim Donald and CMO Thomas Seddon took the helm at Extended Stay in 2012, they had a challenge to overcome—a pervasive mood of inaction, in which employees were afraid to make decisions that would cost the company money. To combat this dynamic, the executive team introduced a new company-wide plan called DANCE: Delight guests; Activate associates; Neutralize costs; Care for community; Expand revenues. The subtext of this strategy is to have fun and not be afraid to take risks to satisfy guests.

But to provide that “wow” factor, Extended Stay needs insight into what guests are actually saying about them. That’s why the company continually scours customer data through Medallia to identify areas of improvement and test the impact of innovative additions to its guest experience. This strategy has already led to meaningful changes—including adding top-notch TVs and recliners to rooms in order to make them feel homier—which has contributed to Extended Stay’s rising customer satisfaction scores and helped the company provide the delightful experiences that builds lasting loyalty.