Turning Churn into Retention: How Beeline is Winning the Market through Customer Experience

Churn decreased for first time in 3 years

Faced with growing customer churn and shrinking market share, Beeline was in a state of emergency. One of the largest telecoms in Russia, Beeline needed to act quickly, or its competitive edge would evaporate—fast. It was clear that unhappy customers were churning, but without a complete view of the customer experience, Beeline’s executives couldn’t confidently tell which issues had the biggest impact.

Beeline’s executives took a radical approach: they decided to differentiate—and thus win the market—through customer experience. Realizing that detractors churn twice as much as
promoters, Beeline decided to focus on retention and loyalty, instead of only acquisition, making them one of the first Russian companies to implement an NPS program.

With Medallia, Beeline listens to customers everywhere they are and after every interaction. Using a unified multi-channel program allows 9,000 users to close the loop with the chain’s 54 million subscribers via SMS and email surveys. Highly targeted customized customer insights are then delivered to the right people at all levels of the organization.

The results are impressive: since implementing Medallia, Beeline has seen a decrease in churn for the first time in three years, along with a nine point overall NPS increase, as well as increased NPS across every channel of business.

“My primary goal is to create a cultural and ideological shift in Beeline: to transform the business model so that serving the client rather than making more money becomes our guiding principle.” – Mikhail Slobodin, CEO