Focusing on the Person: Auto & General’s Award Winning Customer Service Program

Promoters increased by 20% within first 18 months live

Auto & General, an Australian insurance company and recent recipient of the Australian Customer Service Excellence Award, is combating churn by shifting its customer-sympathetic culture to a customer-centric one.

Using Medallia, Auto & General now runs a robust customer experience program that captures feedback from every customer interaction across the company in real time. Feedback and insights from these interactions are then shared across all levels of the organization – from the C-suite to the frontline – so that each employee is empowered to take action on information pertinent to her role. Now, everyone has the opportunity to scour customer feedback data for opportunities to improve.

Auto & General has enjoyed vast improvements since rolling out Medallia. Among them, it has seen an 11-point increase in NPS, its share of promoters has increased by 20%, and, most importantly, the company culture is now energized to delight its customers.