Sales, Marketing, & Strategy

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  • Sales

    We are problem solvers. Tenacious, energetic, and ridiculously driven. Join the legendary force behind Medallia's mission to create a customer-centric marketplace.

  • Marketing

    We're the voice of Medallia — articulating what we do and how we make the world a better place.

  • Research

    Medallia collects data. A lot of it. We search for the signal in the noise, using our expertise in data science and analysis to develop and test bleeding-edge hypotheses. And in doing so, create trailblazing customer experience best practices.

  • Insights

    We partner with Medallia clients to help them better leverage their customer experience programs and data to discover actionable insights and create meaningful, impactful change.

  • Professional Services Sales

    We help world-class companies understand how Medallia's Services Team can transform their work and businesses.

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