Medallia Ask Now

Go beyond traditional research and testing methods with Ask Now. Add new questions and collect responses in real-time to inform research and substantiate new ideas faster.

Why Ask Now

Add Questions to Inflight Surveys

  • deep-diver

    Dive Deeper

    Conduct market research faster by adding targeted questions and collecting responses in real-time.

  • new-test-concepts

    Test New Concepts

    Collect customer feedback on in-market tests immediately at no additional cost.

How Ask Now is Different

Go Beyond the Ad Hoc Survey

  • save-time

    Save Time

    Ask new questions and get responses back right away.

  • avoid-risk

    Avoid Risk

    There is no risk of branding inconsistencies or spamming customers when adding questions.

  • redce-cost

    Reduce Cost

    Conduct research and testing quickly without expensive panels or additional tools.

  • enable

    Enable the organization

    Give everyone the flexibility to ask questions that are pertinent to their specific markets.

How Ask Now Works

Ask Now allows you to easily add targeted questions to ongoing surveys. Since these surveys are already collecting feedback, you will start receiving responses to your new questions right away. These real-time results enable you to gain insights and take action quickly.